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Sheepskin Ugg Style Boots
What are Ugg Boots? In New Zealand and Australia Ugg Boot is a generic term for Sheepskin Boot - it doesn't relate to a specific brand. We’ve been wearing Ugg-style Sheepskin Boots downunder for a hundred years and superior quality Ugg style boots are made right here in NZ.
New Zealand Nature Company UK offers you quality Sheepskin Ugg Boots made from premium, twin-face sheepskin and your choice of supertread rubber, or lightweight EVA sole (great slipper boots!).

Deckers Corporation has trademarked the term Ugg throughout the world but have been unable to do so in Australia and New Zealand due to it being a generic term for Sheepskin Boot here downunder.

Here in New Zealand, Deckers has registered Ugg as a trademark, not for footwear but only for clothing, outerwear and headgear. (See below for the 2008 article from the Dominion Post newspaper.)

See the quality of our Ugg-style Boots, read the Ugg Boots story and make your own decision. Our boots are made by the original manufacturers of Ugg in New Zealand. Canterbury Sheepskin has been making Ugg Boots in NZ for over 30 years. All sheepskin ugg boots are built for your comfort and are great for all seasons.


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Sheepskin Ugg Boots and Sheepskin Slipper Boots from New Zealand Nature Company UK


The Dominion Post, July 12, 2008


An Ugg Boot is an Ug Boot is an Ugh Boot

Kiwi-made ugg boots are safe despite an American company having the word Ugg registered as a trademark in New Zealand.

Deckers Outdoor Corporation of California was awarded the New Zealand trademark last month for the name of the boots that stem from the days when shearers wrapped sheepskin around their feet to keep warm. The origin of the name ugg is unclear, though the term emerged from Australia during the 1950s and 1960s.

Some in the New Zealand footwear industry said they thought that Kiwi-made boots could not be called ugg boots well before the trademark was issued to Deckers.

Moi Chua, manager of the Sheepskin Warehouse, thought it had been registered years earlier. "I think that has been around for quite some time. We call them sheepskin boots."

A spokesman for Canterbury Sheepskin, one of New Zealand's largest manufacturers of ugg boots, also thought Deckers had held the  Kiwi trademark for many years.

But Intellectual Property Office NZ spokeswoman Shirley Flaherty said the trademark awarded to Deckers did not include footwear.

"The application has been accepted for ... clothing, outerwear and headgear only."

She said ugg boots was a generic term, along with alternative spellings such as ug and ugh and could not be trademarked. "But there is the option for traders to apply for a logo trademark that might contain a stylised version."

Sheepskin boots have long been popular with people in rural occupations, such as shearing, who have ready access to the raw materials.

The boots became popular in the 1960s, when competitive surfers began using them to keep their legs warm while out of the water. Ugg boots marched back into fashion during the past decade and have been worn by the likes of Pamela Anderson, Kate Moss and Madonna.

But as the popularity of the woolly footwear icon has grown, debate has not lagged far behind - especially in Australia. Deckers gained the trademark in Australia in 2004 and wrote to Australian producers advising them to drop the name or face litigation. The move caused an outcry before the decision was overturned in 2006, when ugg boots were deemed a generic term.


Customers love our Sheepskin Ugg Boots!

"I have been trying to find a way to email you for the last several days. My husband thought he was buying me another pair of Ugg boots. What a surprise I got when I opened them. They are a piece of junk...

He had purchased a pair just like them for himself from Cosco a large discount store here in the US. They are EXACTLY the same except mine have the Ugg stiching and logo.

I was heartsick since he paid $110.00 for them. I had owned a wonderful pair from 12 years ago which I purchased in California that had the wonderful THICK lining and still are warm except I had worn a hole in the toe. My new (Ugg) boots are a CHEAP imitation made in China just like his $29.00 boots. I tried to tell him I wanted to return them but he wanted me to try them. I have called several shoe stores and they all tell me they are 100% sheepskin and have been made this way always. I knew it wasn't true, but try convincing a shoe salesman young enough to be my son.

Needless to say I shall save up again and now I at least know where to shop for a REAL pair of your wonderful sheepskin boots.

I shall be sure to tell anyone I come in contact with to beware of these expensive cheaply made fakes like I have. I may just save them to show them the difference in a quality boot and one made in China.

Again good luck,"  


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